Agrodrip DIY watering system for vegetable garden or greenhouse up to 50m2 with dripper pipe


Agrodrip set is the perfect solution for watering plants in the garden, greenhouse and orchard on the balcony / terrace. Each set contains a number of elements that guarantee the functionality and operation of the set, with the possibility of further expansion.


  • Quick LOCK female connector Ø16 × ¾˝ (1pc)
  • Dripper pipe AGRODRIP NEW Ø16/ 2lph / 33 cm (50m)
  • Pipe PE Ø16 (10m)
  • Barbed acetal elbow Ø16 × Ø16 (2pcs)
  • Barbed acetal tee Ø16 × Ø16 × Ø16 (6pcs)
  • Barbed acetal connector Ø16 × Ø16 (4pcs)
  • End rings (7pcs)

Extra Information about AGRODRIP NEW Ø16/ 2lph / 33 cm Dripper pipe:

Thick wall with new generation dripper. The dripper pipe has 3 layers of material for improved rigidity and quality.

  • Wall thickness: Ø16: 0,95 mm
  • OD: Ø16: 15,70mm
  • ID: Ø16: 13,80mm
  • Recommended filtration: 120mesh (130micron)

Informatie & handleidingen

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